Signs of pain in cats

Signs of pain

Both acute and chronic pain impact on quality of life however cats may be very adept at hiding signs of pain and therefore careful observation may be required to identify the subtle signs that they show.

Avoiding heat stress

Avoiding heat stress

At Sarah Smith Cardiology, we regularly see dogs for investigation of reduced ability to exercise. If the history is suggestive of overheating and investigation rules out significant structural heart disease and also disease elsewhere in the body, we may recommend use of a cooling jacket as part of our treatment plan.

Alabama rot

Alabama Rot

Alabama rot is an uncommon but potentially very serious condition that recently has received a lot of media attention. Over the last 6 years, more Alabama rot cases have been seen between November and May than between June and October, suggesting a possible winter / spring seasonality. Alabama Rot is also known as cutaneous and renal glomerular vasculopathy (CRGV) and …

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