Laura Massey-Pugh

Laura Massey-Pugh BVM&S CertAVP MRCVS
Clinical Lead

Qualified from Edinburgh University 2009

  • Interests: I have studied exotic pets as part of my post graduate certificate and am happy to see anything from hamsters, to snakes, to parrots. My most unusual patient has probably been a coati mundi! I have trained with “The Chicken Vet” practice and love to treat backyard chickens and other poultry. I enjoying seeing the more usual cats and dogs as well and carry out pet acupuncture, mostly for older creakier pets. 
  • Most memorable case: The puppy that swallowed a spoon whole has got to be one – It was safely surgically removed from his stomach and he is always fed from his bowl now! All my acupuncture patients are memorable as I really enjoy building a relationship with pets and owners and helping them be more comfortable. Oh… and I once helped with a dental procedure on a gorilla!
  • Favourite dog walk: Too many to choose, but I am immensely proud of my dog, Geoffrey, who has walked many long distance trails including Offa’s Dyke (the length of Wales!) and the Pennine Way with us. He always has more endurance than us!
raquel martinez

Raquel Martinez Vega DVM PhD PgCert MRCVS

Qualified from the Complutense University of Madrid in 2009

  • Interests: After doing a Master’s degree in veterinary research in 2010 I pursued a PhD focused on the inner ear at the Biomedical Research Institute in Madrid. In 2016 I moved to Derby to do a Postgraduate Certificate at the University of Nottingham.  I have a particular interest in Feline Medicine and am currently enrolled onto the ISFM Feline Medicine course.  
  • Most memorable case: A lovely 1 year old female cat that had accidentally drunk some bleach so she needed intensive care including a feeding tube at home for several weeks but luckily she made a full recovery!!
  • Favourite dog walk: Definitively Kinder Scout!

Amanda Ford MRCVS

Graduated from Cambridge Vet School in 2008

  • Interests: I love the diversity of first opinion practice from the puppy or kittens first visit through to their twilight years and all the ups (hopefully not too many downs) along the way! I enjoy dentistry and am constantly amazed by the huge improvement seen after procedures and I have recently enrolled on a cardiology certificate.
  • Most memorable case: An 8-month-old puppy who had a brain cyst removed – she made a full recovery and the area of brain that had been squashed regrew. I love being amazed how the body can repair itself.
  • Favourite dog walk: You can’t beat a good ramble around Dimmingsdale – a favourite with me, my dog and the family.

Katy Dodson BVSc BSc PgCert (SAM) MRCVS

Qualified from Bristol University in 1997

  • Interests: I enjoy all aspects of first opinion work, medicine, surgery, imaging, diagnostics etc. I love meeting people and their furry family members and focusing on creating a calm and relaxed environment for both. I enjoy sharing knowledge and building strong Vet-Client-Pet relationships so together we continue to improve their pets health and welfare.
  • Most memorable case: My parents’ Springer spaniel who ate a Bic razor and when I retrieved it from her stomach I also found a piece of plastic that had come from a new bed my parents had had 3 months earlier!!
    She made a full recovery but would still try to eat anything.
  • Favourite dog walk: Although my adored friend has sadly walked over the rainbow bridge now, we did love to walk around Melbourne and up to Breedon Church with a short (or sometimes long) stop at the pub.


Eleanor Hancox RVN VTS (Anesthesia and Analgesia) Senior clinical nurse

Qualified 1999

  • Interests: My interests are anaesthesia and cardiology. I also aim to create a fear free environment for all animals at the vets. 
  • Most memorable case: Anaesthetising a 1kg, 8 week old chihuahua puppy in heart failure (due to a serious heart condition called patent ductus arteriosus) for surgery and seeing him bouncing around a few days later!! 
  • Favourite dog walk: Wandering along the canal with my bouncy pug to the local garden centre for a coffee!!

Donna Carmichael RVN

  • Interests: Wound management and laboratory diagnostic testing. I also have a soft spot for elderly pets.
  • Most memorable case: Spending New Years Eve with my own dog on a drip after he ate a bowl of bread and butter pudding. He was in a dog crate in the lounge with me and the beep of the drip pump is still haunting me! Yes – nurse’s pets are naughty too!
  • Favourite dog walk: Most recently to the top of St David’s Head in Wales.

Amy Leatherland RVN

Veterinary Nurse

Amy is a Veterinary nurse with an honors degree, having Qualified in 2006.

  • Interests: She has a certificate in wound management and loves nurse clinics, surgical nursing and theatre practice.
  • Most memorable case: Anaesthetising a Kune Kune pig for a CT scan, pigs aren’t normally my specialty but I was willing to make an exception!
  • Favourite dog walk: My favourite walks are in the White Peak Disctrict but she tries to never to the same walk more than once!

Laura Johnston RVN

I have a BSc(hons) in Zoology and achieved my BSc in Veterinary Nursing in 2021.

  • Interests: I am rabbit-obsessed and am passionate about their care. I enjoy theatre practice and laboratory testing.
  • Most memorable case: Assisting the head nurse with the anaesthetic of a Tiger during my experience at a zoo.
  • Favourite dog walk: I don’t have a dog of my own (yet!), but when fostering I enjoyed walking the beaches of Ayrshire in Scotland.

Emily MacNish RVN

  • Interests: My interests are in medicine and senior care- particularly dogs and cats with arthritis and improving at-home care.
  • Most memorable case: Bruno, an 8 week old puppy, who was in a car accident with his dad and broke his femur, he needed regular bandage changes and cuddles… Bruno and dad are now fully recovered!
  • Favourite dog walk: Trent meadows to trent lock with my springer, Max.

Grace Gouldin

Trainee Nurse

I have always had a passion for both animals and science; horse riding since the age of four and studying sciences at A levels! I then combined the two and decided to do a veterinary nursing degree. I’m currently a second year student and loving both the theory and practical side of my course!

  • Interests: I love anything small and furry- guinea pigs, rabbits, rats! I also have a keen interest in creating a calm environment for all pets and making their trips to the vets as comfortable as possible!
  • Most memorable case: Nursing a puppy who had eaten raisins- toxic to dogs! This was the first inpatient I had the opportunity to nurse myself, from administering fluid therapy to ensuring the pups experience was as comfy as possible.
  • Favourite walk: Reservoir walks along the beaches and through the woodlands, especially in spring whilst everything is blooming
sarah steele

Sarah Steele


I have worked at Beech Vets since 2016. I have a lot of experience with animals, working in the veterinary industry for many years and owning cats, dogs and horses at home.

  • Interests: I am involved in many aspects of the practice including client care, practice administration and staff training. 
  • Most memorable case: Having to nurse a goat with a broken leg and see it bounce back to full four-legged freedom!
  • Favourite dog walk: To the Brick Kilns at Calke Abbey

Nicola Hawksworth RVN

Head Receptionist

Nicola has been a Veterinary Nurse for 33 years and is now bringing her wealth of experience to our Reception team.

  • Interests: Sewing, cross stitch pictures and singing in two local choirs.
  • Most memorable case: A Doberman whose owner said it rattled when it ran- an x-ray showed a stomach full of over 20 garden stones!
  • Favourite dog walk: The old train track near the Denstone Coffee shop.

Deanne Baughn

Deanne Baughn


I have 14 years experience working in the Veterinary profession in both Reception and Animal Care Assistant roles, usually at the same time! I also ran my own dog walking, pet care and small animal boarding business for 6 years. I currently share my life with my husband, a Romanian rescue dog and 4 chickens but I have had a variety of pets over the years.

  • Interests: I enjoy running puppy classes and also providing dog behaviour advice.
  • Most memorable case: My favourite memories are of the nervous and anxious dogs that I helped to become more relaxed and confident especially when visiting the vet.
  • Favourite dog walk: As you can see from my picture and the state my dog Ozzy and I are in, there is nothing better than a muddy walk in the countryside. Calke Abbey is quickly becoming our favourite walk but I’m happiest when we’re lost in nature!

Sarah Edwards


I have worked in practice for 30+ years and have given homes to many waifs and strays over that time. I currently have 2 rescue pets – one dog and one cat,  both with additional needs.

  • Interests: I have a keen interest in behaviour and dog training. I have participated in heel work to music, agility and obedience. I also love the challenge of hand rearing – goats, puppies, kittens, hedgehogs and mice.
  • Most memorable case: There was a chameleon that had a fight with a parrot and had to have surgery and I spent most of the day warming him up, fascinated by his colour changing and little feet.
  • Favourite dog walk: Anywhere with my little dog.

Sarah Baker


Sarah has worked in a veterinary setting for many years, originally as a veterinary nurse but latterly as a senior receptionist. She loves helping clients and their pets and will be great addition to the team.

  • Interests: Walking, reading, sewing, and looking after pets…. Guinea pigs are surprisingly hard work!!
  • Most memorable case: Laparotomy to investigate a Labradors vomiting problem, turned out to have swallowed a whole tea towel!!
  • Favourite dog walk: Circular walk at Calke Abbey, always trying to catch a glimpse of the deer, and a bonus coffee in the cafe at the half way point!

Kay Naden RVN

Senior Nurse – Administration

I enjoy knitting and have made some wonderful Beatrix Potter knitted toys. I am captain of a local pub quiz team and also relish the idiosyncrasies of pet insurance claim forms.

  • Interests: I am involved in many aspects of the practice including client care, practice administration and staff training. 
  • Most memorable case: My own dog ate a lightbulb when only 11 months old and had to have it surgically removed.
  • Favourite dog walk: Walking to the Clachaig Inn in Glen Coe.
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