Ten top tips for reducing stress for cats visiting the vet

Ten top tips for reducing stress for cats visiting the vet
  1. Choose a quiet time to visit.
  2. Tell our friendly reception team if your pet is very anxious.
  3. Cover your cat’s carrier with a blanket or towel.
  4. Reflect on your own emotional state – if you are worried your pet will be too. Try to resist the urge to calm your pet – just talk to them normally as you would at home. Staff at the surgery won’t think you’re mad as we do it too – even with deaf cats!
  5. Familiarise your pet with the cat basket by leaving it out around the house and sometimes placing food treats inside it.
  6. Spray pheromones (such as Feliway) into the carrier.
  7. Get your cat used to being handled – start with kittens by doing things such as getting them to allow you to touch their feet and examine their mouths.
  8. Visit the surgery in advance and think about your strategy – check there is a separate waiting area for cats.
  9. Avoid putting the cat basket on the floor – cats are usually less frightened if placed on a chair our surface allowing them some height.
  10. Find a vet who uses “Fear- Free” techniques – look for vets who give your cat time to acclimatise to the surroundings and then handle him or her gently.